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JP Company

JP Company | Hair turban

JP Company | Hair turban

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practical turban for the hair

Practical after washing your hair and stylish during a wellness program. Our soft and absorbent hair turban absorbs moisture well and shortens the blow-drying time. The hair turban is easy to use and sits securely without slipping thanks to the button closure.

Multitex - The wellness innovation

When the advantages of terry cloth are combined with the advantages of microfiber, the result is Multitex. On the inside, the material offers the usual absorbency of terry cloth and absorbs even the last drops of water from the skin. The velvety soft microfiber on the outside gives you a cozy and warm feeling. Multitex is easy to care for and can be washed at up to 60 degrees, although for the sake of the environment, washing at 40 degrees is often sufficient. It is non-iron and suitable for tumble drying.

(the bathrobe shown is not included in the offer)

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